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Active from 2014 to 2018, CILC (the Center for Integrated Language Communities) was a National Language Resource Center that focused on language education in the Community College context, heritage learners, and the use of educational technology to foster intercultural connections. A daughter center of ILETC, the grant that funded CILC concluded in August of 2018. This section of the ILETC site preserves the teaching materials and research products produced by CILC during its active grant cycle.

The output of CILC’s work can be viewed below:

  • Language at the Community College Nexus (LCCN)
    • This project provides the knowledge it generated about students and instructors of world languages at community colleges (CCs) across the U.S., including survey results, data sources, and references.
  • The Heritage Arabic e-Book (HAeB)
    • This free book includes assignments, tests, useful links for instructors, a glossary, heritage student profiles, and more.
  • Heritage Telecollaboration (HT)
    • These materials provide information about how to utilize digital communication platforms to enhance opportunities for long-distance interactions and intercultural experiences, specifically for foreign language instruction: materials, networks, a glossary, references, and more.
  • Writing Proficiency of Heritage Learners (WPHL)
    • This link provides a summary of important findings about heritage-learner writing proficiency, plus a downloadable assessment.

Additional information about CILC can be viewed below, and downloaded here (CILC Fast Facts) and here (CILC Fast Facts with Additional Details).

CILC Fast Facts_09-24-18