Writing Proficiency of Heritage Language Learners

The CILC Writing Proficiency of Heritage Language Learners (WPHLL) page is on the CILC website, here.

The WPHLL pages provide resources for instructors whose goal is to develop the writing proficiency of heritage learners. The resources target the development of proficiency of writers who are at Intermediate and Advanced levels of proficiency. We understand “proficiency” and “proficiency levels” within the framework of the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines (2012). Original research conducted with Chinese, Korean, and Spanish heritage writers in the United States informs the resources available on this site. The research entailed the collection and analysis of biographical data from 187 heritage learners (61 Mandarin Chinese, 49 Korean, and 77 Spanish). In addition to providing biographical data, participants were tested using the ACTFL Writing Proficiency Test (WPT). We subsequently analyzed the relationship between WPT rating, and self-ratings of proficiency, linguistic profiles, and biographical factors, including language acquisition context, educational experiences, and language use practices.