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LCCN – External Links

Sources of Data

  1. Community College Survey of Student Engagement
    CCSSE is an annual survey of community college students to measure their college experiences.
  2. Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System
    An interrelated set of surveys conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, which gather data on various characteristics of institutions of higher education.
  3. Modern Language Association Language Enrollment Database
    The MLA supports modern language instruction in a variety of ways, including conducting a periodic language enrollment survey providing data on enrollments in language courses at community colleges, as well as at other institutions of higher learning. Data is currently available for the period 1958-2013.


  1. Community College Research Center
    Housed at Teacher’s College, Columbia University, the CCRC conducts research on issues affecting community colleges.
  2. American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
    ACTFL is an organization that supports language education at all levels.
  3. American Association of Community Colleges
    The AACC provides advocacy for community colleges across the United States.

Community College Reports

  1. The 2015 Inside Higher Ed Survey of Community College Presidents
    This report provides findings from Inside Higher Ed’s Survey of Community College Presidents, which sought to address questions on major challenges facing community colleges in the U.S.
  2. American Association of Community Colleges Fast Facts
    Updated annually, the AACC provides a bird’s-eye view of data on community colleges and AACC initiatives.